Vision and Mission


Every child specially unprivileged in different countries of the world (Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, India,  Vietnam, Myanmar,   Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan etc.) grows up healthy and receives an education enabling it to lead a self-determined life and to become a productive and responsible member of society.


To empower the children especially with Brainiac Program to develop brain and skills to the marginalised communities in the world to shape their own futures. We achieve this by working with communities to improve education for unprivileged children and provide socioeconomic opportunities for families.

Values (as part of Brainiac Program of DEESHAE):
1.     Focusing on the needs of the beneficiaries
2.     Promoting and protecting the rights of the child
3.     Using resources efficiently and effectively
4.     Acknowledging and valuing diversity
5.     Maintaining full transparency and accountability
6.     Reflecting on and continually improving our work