About the Founders


My inspiration to become the Founder of Brainiac Concept  for  Unprivileged Child  (BCUC) stems from my experience of working, living, and travelling in Asia, North America,  and Europe for many years. While working in Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA, Canada   as a Teacher and Social worker, I started developing a keen interest in helping the marginalized in society. 

I had the privilege to meet many wealthy and inspiring people who really care about the less fortunate by either helping with money or by engaging directly in various charity projects. I always admired them, but I never thought that I could work for a charity full-time or even establish my own foundation. In summer of 1999 to take a mid-career break, I determined with an idea of establishing a charitable foundation .

 My initial reaction was blunt incomprehension. How? Why? When? With whose money? Who would trust us? Finally, I nevertheless gave it some thought and my initial doubts turned into excitement. My charity was born as DEESHAE in 1999, Bangladesh and in 2005, Canada .   I truly enjoyed my life and work in the education industry since my education life.

By managing, leading and growing ideas to develop Brain and skills for the school going children especially  aged 4-13 has been initiated with the program  as known MAC (Mental Arithmetic Concept). In 2007, Formally , I have started to implement  this program in Bangladesh over the unprivileged school going children aged 4-13. I realized that, this program with the others name has been implementing over more than 50 countries in the world for the children those who are able to pay. Means all they are paid students. Cumulatively about the rate is 2-5% internationally. 
My attention over the children those who are not really able to pay to get this program. But they have right to get the MAC program although unprivileged.