Education & Training for Unprivileged Children

‘Give a fish to Child and you feed him for a day. Teach a Child to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ However, successful development assistance begins not with giving fish or teaching how to fish, but rather with understanding whether this person wants to fish. We believe that the key to sustainable development is to carefully listen and understand the true needs of the communities. We use a bottom-up approach that puts the needs of the community at the centre. Once we have established a trusting relationship with a community, we often start our assistance by addressing the needs of the children. We then build on the knowledge gained and the goodwill earned to launch additional community development initiatives.

What is the MAC in BCUC ? 

A system which claims to improve  Child’s brain & skills BCUC= Mental Arithmetic Concept + Abacus Program is Mental Arithmetic & MathematicalTool is Abacus Parents are concerned about their children prospect. They will try their best to provide their children with best education. But their ability to absorb is very limited. For an instance, if we keep on filling water into cup, it will spill out. Sometimes parents do not fill water only; they try to even compress it. Finally when the cup cannot take it anymore, it will crack. Inthis case, when children cannot take it anymore, they will go to extreme of either very good or very bad. For example, they will either very quiet or does not like to mix with people or being very bad tempered and like to release it on other people. All these are caused by stress. “Brainiac Concept  for  Unprivileged Child  (BCUC)” or more universally known as “BCUC” brain education is to enlarge the cup. From the cup, we will transform it to a pond and from the pond; it will be transformed to a sea. “BCUC” assists the children in upgrading their mental capacities and brainpower with the aim of ensuring that “learning is fun”. This modern representation of the ancient art of mental math is a unique and scientifically proven concept that is gaining popularity worldwide as a powerful learning tool in helping millions of children to develop their intellect form an early stage.“BCUC” learners are more able to overcome exam related tensions and excel in all subjects. This is a whole brain development program cuisine to the needs of children between the age of 4 to 13 years, based on a confluence of an ancient Chinese concept and modern scientific research to instigate speedy and accurate calculation using a very simple tool called the abacus.Developed in China from “Zhusuan Methodology”, the BCUC system has been growing steadily since the establishment  in different countries since in 1971 and has already achieved enormous international success in developing all over excellence in the academic lives of millions of children throughout Asia, the Gulf, USA, Canada, Europe, Australasia and now Africa, carrying ISO 9001-2001 accreditation. Universal Information of Human Brain ! There is no limit to the potentialities of the human brain. Not only does the function of the human brain need cultivating from childhood, but also need to be constantly used throughout. “BCUC” is the method of brain development. The harmonious action between the organs of human body and limbs, especially the triggering of “image in brain” is the promoter of tapping the function of the brain in mental arithmetic by Zhusuan. A lot of physiological organs of human body are divided into left and right parts. Some of them appear symmetric on the surface, but the functions are not symmetric at all. For an instance, the right and left hands are different in strength and skill. Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is at good dealing with information concerning language and sound; the right hemisphere provides integral information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning the shape and space. The different cognitive forms of the two hemispheres are mutually complementary and co-operative and develop harmoniously, making up the whole function of human brain. Left-brain governs the right limbs and the right one the left. Conversely the action of the limbs also has an influence on the development of the brain. Human beings by heredity and education are accustomed to using the right hand in the early years. The right hand is used more than left hand throughout life, so the right brain function is not fully developed. In order to explore and develop the potentialities of the human brain fully, many physiologists and brain scientist have been studying ways to develop the function of the right brain further. ”BCUC” is the result of such research. It is the child education on mental arithmetic by image of Zhusuan that solves the problem. Numerous examples prove that people who learn abacus mental arithmetic. 

What is Abacus !
Abacus is an ancient mathematical tool. Abacus is a manual calculator which enables faster and more accurate calculations compared to the electronic calculator. With the rules and formulae for computation, the student with practice, can perform very fast and accurate arithmetic functions. The importance of learning abacus based mental arithmetic skills by young children aged 4 to13 years is being realized by parents in general and teachers and other academic experts in particular. Abacus based training enables children to feel comfortable in learning numbers which are abstract. The number phobia is extricated. The positions represented by the rods are easily understood by the students, due to the learning of the concept through concretized objects the beads of abacus.
Why and How importance of Abacus !
The great advantage in Abacus based arithmetic calculations is that the student after a few months (one level), internalizes the abacus, for example, using the mental abacus with the same accuracy levels achieved in calculations. The student will not feel the need to have a physical abacus – by then the student would be able to visualize the abacus – the rods and beads very well.
Computation using manipulation of the mental image of an abacus results in very high speed in calculation with good accuracy. The student practicing mental arithmetic using the image of an abacus develops extremely high levels of concentration and their practice in answering to oral sums results in fine quality listening. The student gets an advantage in performance, in not only math but all other subjects as well.
Using the Abacus increase Memory and Brain Power !
‘U C MAS Abacus Mental Arithmetic’ program has been very carefully designed for stress-free learning.  The progress in learning is smooth. The sums give the student an opportunity to use all the formulae. It is not only challenging but enables good learning at a smooth pace.
There are a few methods used during the training of BCUC, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic’ course like visualization skill training, flash card skill training, listening skill training, magic bar training, speed writing. Through the visualization process concentration of mind can be achieved in order to imagine the abacus and its changes in mind, one should concentrate on his attention in imagination. Flash cards and listening training enhance the memory power. They also improve reasoning, judgment, application and observation power.
The course is provided in Three phases, starting with lessons on using the abacus, and thereafter lessons on addition and subtraction. Following a temporary withdrawal of the abacus, students are then taught to use their hands while doing mathematical equations to derive solutions. Often students from our centre are able to function faster than with a calculator, achieving addition and subtraction of a ten-digit number in ten steps within a period of less than one minute with pinpoint accuracy. Our fastest children can mentally add 10 rows of 12 digits numbers within 30 seconds, all in their head
Universally Truth !!!
Children catch up things fastest at the age of 4 to 13 years old. Therefore, this is the best time for BCUC brain development process. After the age of 13, the brain is almost 75% developed. It is harder to enhance the brain after the age of 13. Childhood only comes once in a lifetime. We do not let our children miss this opportunity as there the unique concept “ Abacus & Mental Arithmetic”  which has worked wonders for children all over the world.
“We prefer and discover genius within the unprivileged children in the world.”
‘We must be the change we want to see a genius generation in the world’